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Objectives and missions

Voix d'Elles Rebelles (Rebellious Voices), feminist and mixed association, was created in 1995 in Saint-Denis (93). The Association " Voix d’Elles-Rebelles " was created by French women and young girls, immigrants and the children of immigrants. It is open to women of all ages and origins, without distinctions of race, religion, class, etc.

The purpose of the Association:

  • to strictly respect secularity;
  • to promote citizenship;
  • to defend the rights of women and young girls, notably those who are the children of immigrants ;
  • to fight against racism, sexism, and for the equality of rights; to facilitate and set up all forms and all means of expression, meetings and researches ;
  • to help to create a real social and cultural promotion of women, by enriching their native culture and facilitating in this way their access to autonomy;
  • to create a real solidarity between women of all origins and leading among other things a movement that acts on the specific problems of immigrant women (forced marriage, genital mutilation, etc.), at a national and international scale.

It is devoted to the Secular and Democratic Values of France. It is involved in the social-humanist, pacifistic struggle for the well-being & self-fulfillment of the individual. It is concerned with the safeguarding of the individual’s rights and dignity.

« Voix d’Elles-Rebelles », encourages the Expression of and Reflection upon the discriminations and devaluation that women have been and continue to be subjected to on a daily basis in their families and in civil society, by promoting a space for communication and the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

"Voix d’Elles Rebelles" (Rebellious Voices) encourages women and young girls born of immigrant parents to become active citizens and full members of society. This requires the effective use of the right to vote during elections. Therefore "Voix d’Elles Rebelles" stays independent of all political parties and does not support parties or candidates during the elections.

Our team

Our action is based on the permanent work of three employees, of which the founder and General Secretary,, Sarah Oussekine, as well as on the active support of about forty volunteers. Five voluntary psychotherapists dedicate four hours a week to the persons who express the need.

Sarah Oussekine, Yasmin Malik


Since its creation, Voix d'Elles Rebelles received the support of numerous partners. All cannot be presented here, this list is non-exhaustive.

Institutional partners  :

- Agence nationale pour la Cohésion Sociale et l'Égalité des chances (ACSÉ)
- Préfecture de la Seine-Saint-Denis
- Direction Interministérielle à la Ville (DIV)
- Conseil Général de la Seine-Saint-Denis
- Conseil Régional d'Ile-de-France
- Mairie de Saint-Denis
- Service Départemental aux Droits des Femmes de Seine-Saint-Denis
- Délégation Régnionale aux Droits des Femmes d'Ile-de-France
- Fonds de Coopération de la Jeunesse et de l'Éducation Populaire (FONJEP)
- DDASS de la Seine-Saint-Denis et du Val d'Oise
- Plaine Commune Habitat
- Education Nationale

Association Voix d'Elles-Rebelles - Cité Gabriel Péri - 1 place Lautréamont - 93200 Saint-Denis, France