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Apel (Association pour l'égalité devant la Loi)
Algerian women (French version)

Françoise Minkowska Center
Consultations carried out by a medical, psychological, social, multilingual and pluridisciplinary team. It allows consultees (adults, children and families) to be received, if necessary, in their language of origin with regards to their cultural representations aimed at providing care and/or orientations. It is up to the professionals to answer to the specific care-seeking : diagnostic and therapeutic view, mediation, collaboration with other teams (particularly in the perspective of joint therapies), raising awareness in the approach of concerned populations.

Comité contre l'esclavage moderne (CCEM)
Against modern slavery (French)

Culture et Liberté
Culture and Freedom (French version)

Femmes Debout
Feminist association (French version)

Carl Rogers
Carl Rogers (1902–1987) is the most influential psychologist in American history. His contributions are outstanding in the fields of education, counseling, psychotherapy, peace, and conflict resolution. A founder of humanistic psychology, he has profoundly influenced the world through his empathic presence, his rigorous research, his authorship of sixteen books and more than 200 professional articles..

Info Migrants
(French version).

Infofemmes (CNIDFF)
(French version).

Maison des Femmes de Paris
(French version)

Mémoire 2000
(French version)

Feminist association (French version)

La Montagne Vivra
Social help and job training (French version)

The Mouvement Français Pour le Planning Familial (French Movement for Family Planning) was created in 1956. It is an APF member of the IPPF, which is composed today of 67 local associations, present in most French departments, and a National Confederation.

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