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Our goals

Our main goals are the following  :

Defending the rights of women and young girls, notably those who are the children of immigrants, and supporting their right to access to:

  • education and job training;
  • jobs;
  • housing;
  • social and health protection;
  • contraception and abortions.

Our objective is not only to aid women to construct a better future, but also to permit them to acquire the confidence to live as full and happy citizens.



1. Reception of persons in difficulty

  • The Welcome desk is open Monday through Friday from 14hr (2:00 p.m.) to 18hr (6:00 p.m.) by appointment.
  • Permanent receptionist to respond to those who need to talk and to listen to girls and women in difficulty (the depressed, suicidal, isolated, victims of violence).
  • Reception of persons in difficulty by appointment: listening, providing information, orientation, accompanying people through their various administrative processes, finding lodging or centers for girls and women in tumultuous familial situations, helping people to enroll or re-enroll into scholastic institutions, assisting in the construction of C.V.s (résumés), helping girls and women to join the work force, building up files of naturalization, and helping with inquiries into the status of administrative affairs and requests for the expedition of such processes.
  • Psychological Support Services: five volunteer psychotherapists each donate four hours of their time per week to work with those in need of such services..

2. Preventive and informative actions

  • We hold informational meetings on the topics of contraception, abortion, AIDS, women’s rights, familial traditions from the cultures of origin, religion, etc…
  • Meetings/debates—the number of participants is limited to a maximum of ten persons in order to facilitate the expression of the opinions of the participants on the subject of a book (e.g. Codependence (La Codépendance) and The Cinderella Complex (Le Complexe de Cendrillon) by D. Dowling, The Silence of the Children of Immigrants (Le mutisme chez enfants de migrants) by Zerdalia KS Dahoun, Healing the Wounds in the Father-Daughter Relationship (Guérir la blessure dans le relation père-fille) by Linda Schierse Leonard.
  • "Photolanguage" workshops : A method of communicating to groups by way of a number of photographs assembled to provoke a certain reaction. By expressing themselves through their choice of photographs, photolanguage allows the participants to learn about personal expression, to listen to and become aware of their own point of view.
  • Non violent communication workshops: "Nonviolent Communication skills will assist you in dealing with major blocks to communication such as demands, diagnoses and blaming. In CNVC trainings you will learn to express yourself honestly without attacking. This will help minimize the likelihood of facing defensive reactions in others. The skills will help you make clear requests. They will help you receive critical and hostile messages without taking them personally, giving in, or losing self-esteem. These skills are useful with family, friends, students, subordinates, supervisors, co-workers and clients, as well as with your own internal dialogues." - www.cnvc.org
  • We work to prevent suicide attempts, illegal confinement, forced marriages, delinquency, scholastic failure, prostitution, drug abuse, genital mutilation…
  • We help to develop and realize projects of absorption into the economy, as well as undertaking research projects looking into the problems of immigrants and their children.
  • We have organized cultural activities such as: writing workshops, dance classes, and expositions (painting, sculpture, photography, etc;).
  • We participate in Actions of Solidarity with women throughout the world.
  • We take part in and organize outings, festivals, colloquiums, etc.

Development projects

Our wish is to develop our non-violent communication workshops, and our photolanguage workshops: within the association, in schools, partner community centers and associations.

How to help us

Calls for help are more and more numerous, our association needs your support in order to maintain and develop its activity. You can make your contribution by:

  • joining or donating: click here
  • help stregthen our team of permanents employees and volunteers; our actions require particularly the following profiles/skills: jurists, lawyers, psychologists, artists.
  • donate IT/Office equipment.
  • offer accomodations/hostings (studios, rooms).

Contact : Association Voix d'Elles Rebelles,
Tel. : 331 48 22 93 29 - voixdellesrebelles@gmail.com

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